Braces are only for teenagers and kids, right? Adults don’t wear braces, and when they do, they look silly and unprofessional.

This is perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding orthodontic treatment in the 21st Century.

In recent years, adult orthodontic treatment has gained rapid popularity. Thanks to some amazing advancements in orthodontic technology and treatment, adults can now straighten their smile in less time, with great efficiency, without anybody ever noticing.

That’s right, without anybody ever noticing! Lingual (Incognito Braces) are perhaps the most revolutionary of all orthodontic advancements. They can perform nearly all the same orthodontic corrections provided through wearing traditional metal braces, without any of the visual concerns. They are virtually invisible, attached to the back of your teeth.

Here are three reasons to consider straightening your smile as an adult.


A beautiful and healthy smile is a great asset. It exudes happiness, confidence, and contributes to success in every imaginable way. But aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, a healthy smile is the cornerstone of positive overall health and well-being.

This most important motivation behind any orthodontic treatment should be achieving a healthy, functional smile.

The adverse functional concerns that come with a misaligned smile are numerous. Your mouth plays an extremely important, yet often overlooked role in ensuring healthy digestion. The mechanical and chemical process of digestion begins with your mouth. For those suffering from compromised chewing ability due to misaligned teeth or bite, an optimal level of overall health is almost certainly unattainable.

The message is clear. Correctly aligning your smile is one of the surest ways to ensure your health remains in top condition, regardless of your age. This is especially important during the transition into the later years of life, where certain diseases and adverse health risks become more prevalent.


Aside from the functional health benefits, orthodontic treatments offer patients an opportunity to improve personal image, self-esteem, and confidence.

While it can’t be guaranteed that orthodontic treatment will improve self-esteem in every case, a growing body of academic study suggests improved psychological improvements occur in almost every post-orthodontic case.

In a 2015 study comparing the personality traits of 100 patients before and after orthodontic treatment, a significant improvement in personality traits (neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness) was identified post-treatment.

(Comparison of personality traits, attitude toward orthodontic treatment, and pain perception and experience before and after orthodontic treatment Elham S. Abu Alhaijaa ; Mona A. Abu Nabaab ; Emad F. Al Maaitahc ; Mahmoud K. Al-Omairid – )


There’s no denying the fact that wearing braces as an adult is unnerving. Traditional metal braces stand out like a sore thumb, and for most, the social stigma that accompanies wearing braces is enough to deter adults from undergoing required orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces provide almost all the strength and function of traditional braces, while remaining virtually invisible.

Unlike clear aligners, which are restricted in the complexity of issues they can correct, lingual braces are able to correct more complex cases, just like traditional braces.

They’re also extremely versatile and adaptable; if you only need your six front teeth straightened, they can just be applied to those exact teeth. Lingual braces are suitable for all ages, but they tend to be most commonly used by adults due to them being invisible.

The cutting-edge technology used to create lingual braces is nothing short of amazing. Each bracket is individually made to perfectly fit your tooth via 3D cam-tech technology, and each arch wire is robotically bent to match precisely.

Ever wondered just how invisible lingual braces really are? Check out this article on three celebrities who’ve worn braces without you ever noticing.

So what are your orthodontic options as an adult?

The rise in orthodontic demand coupled with rapid advancements in technology has encouraged many general dentists, outside the specialised field of orthodontics, to offer orthodontic treatments.

While a general dentist can provide orthodontic solutions to help correct minor orthodontic issues, only a trained orthodontic specialist is equipped to provide an accurate and comprehensive orthodontic assessment and treatment plan.

Although a dentist is a highly-trained professional in all areas of general dentistry – repairing damaged teeth, caring for damaged teeth and replacing lost teeth – they are not equipped to provide comprehensive orthodontic assessment or treatment.

The following information is provided by the Australian Society of Orthodontists:

“For orthodontic care, the ASO does not recommend that you risk seeing someone who is not a specialist orthodontist. There are many general dentists offering: what initially appears to be “cheap” treatment; alternative one-size-fits-all solutions; treatments to supposedly avoid braces; or offering quick, rapid or fast treatments. Many of the courses that general dentists do to learn more about orthodontics are for a day or two.”

Your FREE lingual braces guide

For anyone seeking some more information about lingual braces, or orthodontic options suited specifically for adults, we’ve put together a free guide. You can download the guide by clicking the link below.


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