Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT), such as Invisalign® and Spark®, is a type of orthodontic treatment that fixes teeth alignment using a clear thermoplastic instead of metal braces. It’s a powerful device that covers the teeth and gently moves them into a proper position.

David Wilson, a Monkey Foodz health consultant, advises “While people of any age can benefit from braces, The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends children visit a registered specialist orthodontist for an assessment between the ages of 8-10 years old. This allows the orthodontist to evaluate your child’s teeth and determine if they may need early treatment. This includes existing teeth and those that are yet to break the surface.”

But CAT isn’t just about avoiding a metallic smile in photographs! Here the six other important reasons to use this treatment:

1. Proper Positioning of the Teeth

Tooth misalignment can have physical and emotional effects. Severe cases can interfere with eating, sleeping, and speech. It may also cause pain and discomfort.

CAT is a standard treatment to allow the teeth to move efficiently and without any unnecessary friction.

2. Improves Digestion

Digestion starts in the mouth. Therefore, more efficient breakdown of food into tiny particles eases the processes of digestion. Insufficient food mastication may hinder with the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and small intestine. When your teeth are properly aligned, you won’t have to try harder chewing your food.

3. Makes It Easy to Floss and Brush Properly

When teeth are not positioned close enough to each other, pieces of food often get stuck between them at every meal. If food particles are not removed immediately, bacteria feast on them. The acid released by bacterial fermentation erodes the enamel and causes cavities.

Properly aligned teeth are less likely to trap food particles and are easier to clean.

4. Better Speech and Phonetics

Better Speech and Phonetics

Your speech and pronunciation are greatly influenced by your teeth’s positioning. Dental gaps can make it difficult to pronounce certain words – you may even lisp or whistle.

5. Reduce Long Term Dental Expenses

Properly aligned teeth tend to be more self-maintaining. They are easier to brush and floss, therefore reducing the chances of developing decay and gum diseases, and they are less likely to grind against each other.

According to the Grattan Institute, visiting the dentist even just once a year can decrease the chances of requiring extractions in the future. This is because regular dental visits can address oral health problems before they become serious and require more extensive and costly treatment.

6. Aligners Also Serve as Protective Gear

Aligners may potentially protect the teeth from grinding against each other and from trauma you may get from sports, accidents and from grinding during sleep.

Oral health care is also a necessity. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek professional dental services. CAT could be the perfect solution for you. Consult Modern Orthodontics now!

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Written by: Chole Harris

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