Is Invisalign® a Good Option For My Child

Braces are cool! They seem to be trendy right now and are definitely a sure-fire way to straighten your teeth. But what if you love chewy foods and hate the taste of metal? No worries. Invisalign® are an innovative new way to straighten your teeth that has a range of amazing benefits.

Invisalign® is Convenient

Invisalign® aligners are removable. This means, your child can take the aligners out to brush and eat. Invisalign® aligners are meant to be left on for 20-22 hours a day which gives the patient 2-4 hours aligner-free. They can eat what they want, keep up with their regular routine and deal with much less pain than they would have to if they were wearing braces.

Is Invisalign® a Good Option For My Child

Invisalign® is as effective as braces

While braces are a permanent fixture on your child’s teeth until removed, Invisalign® can be removed at will. But this does not affect the effectiveness of braces. They are as effective as braces and can treat all common orthodontic problems including gaps between the teeth, overcrowding, overbites, and underbites. Be it a mild or severe case, Invisalign® can help. Also, the average length of treatment and cost is around the same as for braces.

Less Time Spent at the Orthodontist

Frequent visits to the orthodontist are required with traditional braces since your teeth are only moved when the wires are adjusted or changed. This needs to be done on a regular basis, often an appointment every 6-8 weeks.

That means time away from school for your children and time away from work for you. With Invisalign®, it isn’t necessary to have these frequent appointments. You will still need to go to your dentist but you will likely receive a few sets of aligners at a time that the patient can swap out themselves with direction from their dentist. This means Invisalign® patients will only need to visit the orthodontist every 3 months on average.

Replacements are Cheap

Okay, this one may be one negative of getting Invisalign®. After all, since they are removable, they could get lost or be misplaced. Most dentists offer replacement aligners at a reduced cost.

Easy to Clean

Nothing beats the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth. This may be harder to achieve with braces fixed to your pearly whites. With Invisalign®, this is 100% achievable because you can fully remove your aligners anytime you want to brush your teeth.

The aligners themselves are also easy to clean. Simply brushing them using a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water will keep them fresh. Patients should avoid using toothpaste directly on their aligners however as it is abrasive and may leave scratches. A special cleaning solution designed for Invisalign® is available.

Invisalign® Reduces the Risk of Cavities

This is a big one… Invisalign® are linked to a reduction in tooth cavities in comparison to traditional braces. Parents do the best they can to help their children establish a good oral hygiene regimen. When a child wears braces, new tools often need to be used and more time has to be spent on oral hygiene.

While using braces, food can get trapped and plaque can build up in areas where it is difficult to brush. This can result in cavities. But since Invisalign® can be removed when needed, the risk of cavities goes down considerably.

Is Invisalign® a Good Option For My Child

Invisalign® Boosts Confidence

The fitness experts from All Supplements say “being confident is dependent on the person’s self-image. And a person’s self-image is dependent on how they look and feel… internally and externally”. Invisalign® is a perfect option.

If a teen feels self-conscious about having braces, Invisalign® is a perfect solution. They make the teeth straight and are virtually invisible.

Life Coach Jeanine says, “Teens may see braces as another obstacle in their stressful life. Certain teens may have lowered confidence or have trouble talking with metal braces”. Invisalign® solves the issue.


Invisalign® aligners are custom made for each person to perfect their smiles. In addition, they can be removed when eating, brushing or attending important social events like schools, parties or meetings. Wendy from Wendy’s Music says, “I have noticed a huge difference in the self-confidence of my students who have used Invisalign®, it is perfect for my students who sing or use wood-wind instruments because they can easily remove the aligners before performing”.

Whether you love chewy foods, singing or being able to brush your teeth properly, Invisalign® is your solution. Contact our experts to find out more about the type of Invisalign® treatment your child needs.

Written by: Nicholas May
Nicholas May is an aspiring writer and content creator. He is driven to create content that increases website traffic, clicks and conversions. And hopes to one day launch his own business with the skills he has learned.