There are many true benefits of starting orthodontic treatment between 12 and 18 years of age, as this is when growth is actively taking place.

1. Prevention of More Serious Dental Problem

A certified orthodontist can detect first signs of a problem in one’s teeth, mouth, and jaw. Early detection of these problems can prevent complications and more intensive treatment in the future. 

2. Improves Confidence

It’s essential to build your child’s confidence during their teen years. Having crooked teeth can give them insecurities, which can keep them from enjoying many things in life. With the proper orthodontic treatment, your child won’t be embarrassed to share smiles. 

3. Can Improve Speech

When discussing speak difficulties, many people don’t think of the dental condition as a factor. However, if the teeth or jaw is not aligned correctly, a person may suffer slurring, lisping, and mispronouncing “S” and “T”.

The earlier your teenager gets the necessary orthodontic treatment, the higher is the probability of success. Additionally, this will prevent any teasing during his/her developmental years. Find the proper orthodontic treatment here.

4. Lowers Risk of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

It will be easier for your child to properly clean his/her teeth if these are correctly aligned. He/she will also be able to floss the inner areas with ease. 

Chances of decay are higher with crooked teeth because there are many places that children can’t easily reach when brushing. Aside from tooth decay, misaligned teeth can also cause potentially gum disease, tooth wear, jaw pain and bad breath. 

5. Reduces Risk from Trauma

If your child has large overbite and protruding teeth, it’s advised to see an orthodontist as the condition would increase risk of dental trauma. Teeth grinding can cause tooth wear and many dental problems later in life, the damages are increased when the teeth are misaligned and the bite is uneven.

6. Improves Digestion


“Properly aligning your child’s teeth and jaw can help him/her chew food better. Food is digested faster when it is broken down into smaller pieces. Nutrition absorption is also faster, which will reflect on your child’s overall health.”, says Nate Ward, health and wellness coach at Wedding Cakes Sydney.

Many parents delay consulting an orthodontist, thinking that their child’s teeth and jaw seem normal. It’s crucial always to remember that orthodontists have clinical eyes. They can spot dental problems that may not be obvious to untrained eyes.

7. Instils Good Oral Hygiene

Orthodontic treatment during adolescence means your child will have to follow a routine that will ensure its success strictly. Good oral hygiene should be adopted at a young age while your child is still learning to be dutiful.

Give your child the best smile possible and protect him/her from health problems that can stem from poor dental condition. Book a consultation with Modern Orthodontics now!