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Modern Orthodontics Virtual Consultation

Modern Orthodontics Melbourne

Modern Orthodontics Burwood Clinic

Braces and Aligners

How to use aligners / Invisalign®

How to clean aligners / Invisalign®

Elastics (a.k.a. Rubber bands) in Orthodontics

Lingual Braces - Straighten your smile without anybody ever noticing

How to wear Elastics for Orthodontic Treatments (Braces and Aligners)

How to put braces on (and it is fun!)

How to use Wax for Braces

Orthodontic Emergency Help Guides

How to remove a Coil Spring (Orthodontic emergency)

How to manage an Open Bracket (Orthodontic emergency)

How to manage a broken Bracket (Orthodontic emergency)

How to adjust Aligners to fit around buttons (Orthodontic emergency)

How to fix a loose wire from Braces (Orthodontic emergency)

How to polish sharp Aligners / Invisalign® (Orthodontic emergency)

Trimming wires (Orthodontic emergency)

How to remove wisdom teeth off your Aligner (Orthodontic emergency)

Orthodontic treatments

How to turn an RME (Rapid Maxillary Expander for orthodontic treatment)

Carriere® Motion in action

How to turn a URA expander for orthodontic treatment

Virtual Consultation

How to take photos by yourself (Virtual Consultation)

How to use Dental Monitoring

Cleaning Tips

How to Use Superfloss

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