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Treatment for adults

You might be surprised to hear this, but as long as your teeth are healthy, it’s never too late to straighten your smile. In fact, it’s never been a better time! Appliances are smaller, lighter, more discreet and more convenient than ever before.

Why straighten your teeth?

On top of being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile is good for your health. Having crooked teeth not only makes your smile more prone to risk of trauma, it also provides more places for plaque to hide. In addition, orthodontic treatment can help with TMJ and speech impediments!

 Why straighten your teeth?

Types of adult orthodontic treatment

At Modern Orthodontics we offer a range of discreet options for our adult patients. Whether you opt for a discreet version of traditional braces or the latest in aligner technology, we have an appliance just for you.

The types of adult treatment we offer include:

Clear braces: Clear braces have clear ceramic brackets that blend in with the colour of your smile. At our practice, we use self-ligating clear braces which are more comfortable and more efficient during treatment.

 Types of adult orthodontic treatment

Invisalign® clear aligners: If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, ask us about Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible, removable and can be paired with the Dental Monitoring app for remote treatment check-ins.

The type of appliance you will be fitted with will depend on your orthodontic needs and will be outlined in your bespoke treatment plan which we will present to you at your consultation.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

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