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Did you know at Modern Orthodontics we can reduce your treatment time by up to 50% and still get the same great result? 

Sound too good to be true? 

It’s all thanks to our passion for orthodontic technology and an easy to use, hands-free device called AcceleDent®. 

What is AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent® is an innovative, small, hands-free device which has been specially designed for the orthodontic industry to enable patients to speed up their treatment time. Not only can you reduce the time you need to wear braces, you can still get great results and it only takes 20 minutes a day. 

Simply bite down onto the mouthpiece connected to the device, and keep it in place for the recommended 20 minutes. Your hands are free so you can continue to do what you’re doing, whether it’s typing, cooking or painting your nails. 

  • AcceleDent
  • AcceleDent
  • AcceleDent

How does Acceledent® work?

AcceleDent® uses gentle micropulses called SoftPulse Technology®, to accelerate the movement of your jaw bones. This allows your teeth to move up to 50% faster than they usually would. However, because the micropulses are gentle – it has been said the micropulses feel eight times softer than an electric toothbrush - they don’t cause any damage. Rather, they’re just encouraging your teeth and jaw to move at the top of their capability. 

Benefits of AcceleDent®

Many of our patients would like to straighten their teeth but do not want to experience a lengthy treatment time. Acceledent® is a great solution for these patients. It also has other benefits, including: 

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Makes your orthodontic treatment more enjoyable
  • Can be used with braces and Invisalign
  • Can lessen the pain or discomfort often associated with your treatment
  • Easy to travel with. Just charge it up using a USB cable
  • Removable parts make it easy to clean 

Acceledent® has been known to cut a patient’s treatment time in half. Some patients who use AcceleDent® only need braces for as little as six to eight months.

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