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Early treatment

Orthodontic treatment for children

At Modern Orthodontics, we believe early orthodontic treatment is highly beneficial. Being able to assess a child’s teeth and identify any growth problems of the teeth and jaws at this early stage can potentially save a great deal of time and money later in life. 

It can also reduce the severity of the problem and the extent of treatment required, thus allowing your child to avoid the stigma of needing to wear braces throughout their teenage years. 

  • Early treatment
  • Early treatment
  • Early treatment

What does early treatment do?

At Modern Orthodontics, we refer to early treatment as preventive and interceptive treatments. These are suitable for children whose jaws are still growing into place. At your child’s early consultation, our specialist orthodontists will look at 

  • Jaw development
  • The patient’s airway
  • Arch size
  • Tongue posture and positioning
  • Jaw posture
  • Tooth placement
  • Head/ neck 

They are looking to see if any of the above exhibit abnormalities. In some instances, we may recommend immediate treatment, but it is more common for us to monitor these abnormalities and then fit an appliance at a suitable time in the future. 

Benefits of early treatment

Bringing your child into Modern Orthodontics for an early consultation has a number of benefits:

  • We can prevent problems before they occur
  • We can reduce the extent of treatment that may be required
  • We can help to establish a good oral hygiene routine with your child
  • Your child can get used to being in an orthodontic environment, making them feel more comfortable for when treatment starts 

Family-focused treatment

At Modern Orthodontics, we are a family-friendly practice. This focus starts at the top with our specialist orthodontists – they are husband and wife, so family is certainly important. We are passionate about achieving the very best results for each of our patients, and if that means we need to start a little earlier with some of our younger patients, then we believe it’s worth it. 

Give our friendly team a call today and we can talk you through the process of booking your child in for an early consultation.

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